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May 2007

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Me & Maddy

I'm Still Alive

Hey everyone!

Time for an actual message from me, besides all those damn addicting surveys. I just like surveys so well, hehe!
So what's going on in my life? Hmm. I've had some trouble adjusting to the school life again, I just feel like the world is against me and wants me to do everything wrong :S. I know that's not true, I've just had a bit of a hard time last week. All teens know these times, nothing to worry about :). Anyway, now I'm doing okay. First there was this whole thing with damn gym class, we had to run 60 metres in less than 12 seconds. I know it's possible, but it just sucks because I'm not that fast. Anyway, I ran it in 13.05 seconds, so that would mean I'd fail, but fortunately my gym teacher let me pass anyway, so that was a nice. Still I feel just bad because I so badly wanted to get below those 12 seconds! I know it's maybe stupid to worry about this, but I do it anyway. I'm just more sensitive than usual, so then I start worrying about silly things.
This after noon me and Lily were at a student tutor lesson, in which "our" students tell us about how things are going at secondairy school, if they need help with stuff like homework, we learn them how to plan stuff, and sometimes we do things like preparing a party, or a class fun night, or maybe an excursion. It was fun, me and Lily got to teach the whole hour, and I wasn't even nervous! We talked with them about homework, teachers, talking English ( they do a bilangual education too, so have to switch from just Dutch to almost just English, which is quite hard if they only know like "yes and no" in English). Before we knew it the lesson was over. I didn't have much homework today, finished it already. So all I have to do tonight still is learn my script because tomorrow morning I'll audition for the musical : Aida!. I'm kinda nervous, I always get nervous in situations like this, but fortunately I just chose a small part, I don't feel like stressing myself with main parts because I also have lots of performances with the piano coming up. So, I'll start wit ha small part, and if I get it, and I like it, maybe next year I'll go for a bigger one! By the way, I still have to print my script but the school email is down so I can't download it, and I can't print it either because my printer's cartridge is empty! Eva, or Ellen, help?!!

It's a long time I've let you guys hear from me, so maybe you remember me telling you that I had to play the piano in church? Well, that was last week Sunday and it went well! Only minus thing was my sheetmusic falling down, but fortunately I knew it by heart so I just played on untl the person behind me put the music in front of me again. :). Also, the organ played toowhich kinda made me and the other instruments flow into the background, but next time we'll probably play without that organ cause lots of people found that disturbing. The music group isn't there for nothing, after all!

Last Saturday night I went to the movies wiht my friend Ellen. We saw "Step Up", and I'm totally in love with it! As soon as it comes out on DVD I swear I'll buy it!

Last funny detail: IM GOING TO LONDON! With school, we got to pick a trip to either : Paris, London, Germany/Austria, the Ardennen in Belgium, or Barcelona! I chose London together with my good friend Afza because we adore adore adore England! So maybe I'll see some of you English people around there, hwo knows!!

Talk to you all as soon as possible,