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May 2007

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Back in the Netherlands

Heey dear friendies and bloggies,

Im home from London! It was so awesome, I totally had the week of my life! I'll type a little something about each day there. Pictures will follow later, I'm at a friend's laptop right now so don't have my piccies around to update. 

Monday. I had to get up superearly, at 4 , because at 5:45 I had to be at school, then we'd all drive for "Hook of Holland " to get on board of the Stena Line, the boat that would drive us to England within only 3 hours! I wasn't even that sleepy,  I was all hyper so the getting up wasn't much of a problem. I even remembered to take my suitcase when I got in the car. 
On the boat was fun, I sat with my friends Afza, Lily and Deborah and we played some cards. I also wrote some "character biographies" , but that's no big deal. At 10 AM English time, an hour early than Dutch time, we arrived in Harwich and went to Colchester by bus. In Colchester we got some time to lunch, and maybe shop a bit. I'd been in Colchester before, so I recognised some stuff! That was cool. I even bought some stuff already; buffy/angel magazine and the movie Center Stage. After Colchester we drove to London and visited some boring mummy-museum. Then it was finallly time to go see our youth hostel. We slept in a room with six, I was with: Lily, Afza, Deborah, Floortje, and Nicole. It was quite a nice room, a lot less Spartan then I'm used to in youth hostels. We even had a toilet and a shower in the room! At night we went to the supermarket to buy ourselves some dinner, and spent the evening together at the inn, talking, having fun, reading, etc. The things you do when there's nothing else to do. Like, no tv to watch.

Tuesday started early. Breakfast was at half past 7 already! It was quite edible, I must say. I'm not particularly fond of English food, but the breakfast ( continental, English thank god wasn't available , I'm not a morning person) was quite edible. Tuesday was sight-seeing all day. We started with Buckingham Palace, Changing of the horse guards, shopping, and then the Tower of London, and of course also the crown jewels. Those were shiny! During our shop-time, I bought quite some thingies; the Grey's Anatomy Season 1 soundtrack, the Center STage soudntrack, and an Angel action figure! That was so cool, I can't even dream of buying those in Holland. At night, the people at the youth hostel forgot we'd have dinner there, so pizzas had to be ordered. 25 pizzas for 45 students, that took quite some time to make. When they eventually arrived at half past 8 and we were about to take the first bite, the fire alarm went off! First we thought it was like a joke, or a drill, and we al stood in the yard with our slice of pizza. Then the gates opened and we all had to stand on the other side of the street, and 4 fire engines arrived! Then it got pretty scary, I could already see my new bargains burning up in a terrible fire. Fortunately it soon turned out that someone had left the door open while showering so the fire alarm wnet off. That person's parents get to pay a bill of 600 pounds now.... Ouch. 

Wednesday. In the morning 20 selected students ( including me! ) got to visit the London Oratory School, and follow one guide-student there for a few hours. My guide was called Matthew, and he was 17 years old. He was quite nice, but classes are so different there than they are in Holland! In my class kids just yell and laugh the whole time and the teacher usually joins! Also, the uniforms. So cool! THough I understand when you have to wear a uniform it's not nearly so cool anymore. In the after noon we wnet to the National History Museum, where the guards took my scissors :S. It was a boring museum, I do'nt like stuffed elephants and giraffes. Then it was dinner at McDonald's , and we went to the musical Queen: We Will rOCk you. That was one of the most awesomiest thingies I ever saw! It rocked!! 

Thursday was also a nice day. IN the morning we visited St Paul's Cathedral and had to climb all 450 steps up. I tell you, I could definately feel my legs then, and it wasn't fun anymore. The view was worth it, though, but never again! All after noon we got to shop till we dropped, butI was runningout of money! So I only bought a pair of earrings ,a James Marsters Poster at Virgin's Megastores, and a hamburger :). A yummie hamburger,nevertheless. We had to end our shopping at Trafelger square, but friendDeborah had foot-isues so me and Afza went to try and get a cab. Though most taxi drivers drove off quickly when they saw us; they probably thought we weren't going to pay. Hmpf. Luckily it seemed we were only 5 minutes away from Trafelger Square so we could walk it. O yea, I also bought a book: The Devil Wears Prada, at Waterstones! I still wanna see that movie. Thursdaynight was a bustour through London by night. Impressive, specially Piccadilly Circus.

Friday we went shopping on Camden MArket, wow that is one huge market! Dutch markets are only like 20 stands, tops. I thought this went on forever! I only bought a BigBen keyring, though, I was running out of money. In the after noon, before going back to the boat, we went to Colchester again for a lunch stop. I still shoppeda few things: an Angel the Series playing cards game, and new Earrings at Claire's.  The boat was awesome again, I didn'tget seasick for a change! Yay! I was happy to be home again andsee my parents. Also, I'd particularly missed my piano!! 

Right now, back in Holland, I'm stayingat my friend Eva's house because my room is being painted. It's gonna be applegreen, awesome! Blog you all later!

xxx- Leonie


It sounds like you had a ton of fun in London! I'm so jealous! Glad everything went well, including the fake fire. ^__^