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May 2007

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My New Room

Hey all!,

As I might have told you in my previous post; me and my dad have been painting & redecorating my room over the past week! It's all finished now, except it still needs new curtains ( which will arrive in two weeks), and a mirror, which I bought yesterday but isn't in the pictures yet because when I took those i didn't have the mirror yet. ANyway, these are the results: Pleaaaaaase comment & say if you like ? * angelic smile* .


  That's my desk! 

 A shelve with books and other thingies. The blue candles are now replaced with 3 pink ones, though. 

  My chair! I adore the cushions. 

 A little cupboard thingy that includes a Buffy/ANgel shelve! ( in the middle). 

  That's my beddy & tvie. I sleep on it.

Hope you enjoyed! It also still needs like some posters on the wall and other thingies, but I think it worked out really well! 

xxx- Leonie



Love your room!

Hey, it's Mia. Wow, you're room is extremely cool, I love your Buffy\Angel shelf, and I loved that greenish colour of the walls.. It makes me wanna redecorate *my* room.. (:

Love,have an excellent week! (Oh, but I guess your week only starts in Monday, mine starts tomorrow..)

Your room looks awesome! I've been meaning to paint my walls and give my room a face-lift for a long time now! Like... 6 years I think; just too busy for it I guess.

hi! i met you in the baby name community...and i like your room :) it's so girly that it reminds me of my own room too. You might like the shades of green...as i see it..it's cool..good for the eye :0 peace and god bless
Thank you!! I love my room now!! It looks quite different now; more full and I put some posters on the walls, but I still love love love it! Let's friend each other?