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May 2007

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She's Back!

Hey LJ-friends and others!,

It's seriously been ages since my last update, shame on me! I guess I've just been a little lazy on this, and the fact that I have a new paper journal makes me even lazier on talking about my life online, but here I am! My big brotherish friend Ty nudged me, so I decided to make him ( and maybe also others? ) happy and give you all a glance into my Dutch teenage life again.
So what have I been up to? Mainly all the regular stuff; school, celebrating the holidays, playing the piano, writing, and of course keeping up with my favourite Tv shows Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls and GTST ( Dutch soap,don't ask).
Today was my first day at school again after the Christmas holidays, and it's taking me some effort to get used to it again. Especially the being up at 6 AM already kind of hurt after spending many days in bed at least till 9! But, it was good to see my friends again adn my classmates and show them my freshly cut hair. I look very different now, I'll try to upload a picture soon.
What a pity that it's January already, December is my favourite month of the entire year! I love the winter so much, even though many of you summer-lovers may find this slightly incomprehensable. I love it when it's cold outside, then it's all warm and cozy inside! Candles, the Christmas tree, hot chocolate, etc, and of course nice warm yet also fashionable sweaters make my day. Now it'll last a whole year before December starts again, that really sucks. Why can't it be December all year?? Of course there are a lot of nice things to look forward to, like my birthday which is coming closer again ( March 4th) and several parties, sleepovers, recitals, shopping sprees, etc., but I still miss December.

Yours truly,




Hey baby sis :)

Your alllways in a x-mas mood. *cough* RP *cough*
You need to write back to meee, with your sexual hand writtin.
and then i can send u pics of izzy :)
i boguth her some clothes today...

Love you
YAY!! You posted! ^__^ I was beginning to wonder what happened to you!
I'm glad to see everything is going okay over in the Netherlands. Keeps the posts coming! :D
You can call me your big-brotherish-friend, but only if I can call you my Little-Sisterish-friend! ^__^

Hope School and Life are treating you well,

Ty :D