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May 2007

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Me & Maddy

Message from the Loonster

Hey friendies and other folks,

How lazy can one be when it concerns updating an online journal? Very lazy, so it seems since I haven't posted in three months! A lot has happened in the mean time; I turned 16!! That was on the 4th of March, so quite a while ago, but it was an awesome birthday nevertheless. Another big happening (to me) was the piano performance night last Saturday. I played two pieces, 'Nothing Else Matters' by Lucie Silvas and 'Think of Me' from the Phantom of the Opera. Both pieces I played quite well, and as usually the other participants were, each on their own level, magnificent! Here's a picture of me playing on the grand piano: 

  If I look a bit strange that's probably because I'm performing there and was slightly nervous :) However, it wasn't as big a performance as usually. There were only about 40 people, while usually there are at least 60. It just was a busy time for most people, so they couldn't practise the piano much and therefore not perform. Less performers equals less people coming to the night, but okay. Afterwards we all stayed to eat some of the snacks people had brought along, to chat, and of course to 'freelance' a bit on the piano. That was a really fun part! I played 'Nothing else Matters' again and I actually sang it too! Together with Gerriet, another 'pianiste' from the evening. Like I said, it was another awesome experience.

Now something quite different: for two days this week I'm an intern at an international company; Springer. It's just an assignment for school to help you decide what kind of profession/ education you want to do after you graduate from Secondairy School. This was slightly vague. After I graduate I want to go to university to study Psychology, or something like that, but seriously, psychologists just don't take interns for two days, especially not 16 year olds! For the bilangual students ( which include me) they also expected an international internship, but that's going to be even harder, especially when you're looking in the direction I want to go later on. Now, my dad happens to work in a building with several other companies in it, Springer among them. So, he just took care of it for me, so now I'm there for two days. I started this morning, and I'm sure it's quite an interesting building, but I've not done a single thing all day! Of  course there wasn't a lot I could do, either. I'm just a secondairy school student, they can't expect me to manage things or whatever else it is they do. So I just watched. And had 2 and a half hours to go on MSN this after noon... I finished around half past 3, so then I just went to my dad. At his office, there were actually things I could do! Small and easy, of course, let filing stuff and alphabetising stuff, but it was something! And, I knew some of the people over there ( of course my dad), but that made it slightly less unnerving. I do want to mention, though, that the people at Springer were incredibly nice too! My "boss" Crystal even paid for my lunch in the cafetaria! And during lunch me and all my 'colleagues" ( which included only one guy!) all talked about last night's Grey's Anatomy episode ( even the guy!) and debated over whether McDreamy or McSteamy was hottest :P That was real fun, and of course the English & American people around. I've missed that , since the international team of teachers lately isn't so international anymore. Anyway, boring or not, it was quite an educational experience. Only one more day to go, and than it's 'May holiday'!! I can't wait! Of course there are some thigns I need to do, like make a practical assignment for General Science with Eva, but that A) won't last all week, and B) is also fun to do because Eva and I are good frieinds :) I guess that was about it; the update on my life. How is everyone else? I hope great, and I hope to hear from you all LJ-ers soon!