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May 2007

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Writers Block


So I've been back at school for a while now, I just had my week of exams. I had Maths, French, History and German. German and, surprisingly, Maths went well! History went okayish, and French I'm not sure. I'll let you konw. Usually I'm very good at French, so it was kind of weird.. Maybe I"ll just feel weird, maybe it's not so bad as it seems.
I'm thrilled! Tomorrow there's another stupid school trip on which we're goiong to get information about all sorts of educations at University, and Friday there are workshops! I'm going to get a singing workshop, YAY! At the end of the day we're also going to perform something. O goody. What I really really love, is that we're practising in the music class room, where also the grand piano is! I'm gonna get to play on that during every free minute I have, cause I've only played on it once, or maybe twice, and I <3 grand pianos! I've heard it seriously needs to be tuned, we'll see about that.
Last Saturday I bought Grey's Anatomy season 1 on DVD, and now I'm even more addicted. By the way, I was really surprised that in the Netherlands we're only 9 or 10 episodes behind on America, while I thought Holland was always years behind or something. For my birthday my friends might give me part one of season 2 GA !, and then I'm going to buy part 2 myself. Does anybody know if it's going to be brought out in one box any time soon? I find it kind of annoying that the season's split up in 2 boxes now.

I'm suffering from a severe writers block, now I've completed writing a fic with every single letter of the alfabet (yes, even the X and the Z!) Find them over here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~annachase . But now, I lack inspiration. I want to write another Grey's Anatomy fic, or maybe Gilmore Girls? Anyone got any tips for me? I seriously need to get rid of this writers block, it's depressing me. Fortunately, I do still have inspiration to write on my other fic, "Faux Pas de Deux". Let me know real soon if you can help me, I'll love the person who does forever! 

Yours truly and sincerely,



Hey Leonie!

You probably don't remember me, but you requested to have me added as a friend a long time ago.

I've been very busy with works, of course... and the time that I have available I spend with my wife and children. My son has been very sick with a cough, and I wish I could stay home to help Mary take care of him. But I won't be able to get any vacation time until I have worked for a year at my new job.

I think we Americans stay too busy sometimes. Most jobs in the United States only allow two weeks of vacation a year, and that's usually after a few years of working for them. I've heard that in Europe, it is not uncommon to get an entire month off from work each year, and sometimes even more. Perhaps it's just a myth, but that's what I have heard.

Anyway, the reason I am responding to your post is because I can relate to your experience with being able to play the grand piano. I'm certainly no concert pianist, and I would like to continue to develop my technique. Yet I enjoy playing the piano very much, and do quite a bit of composing and arranging when I have free moments. It's very relaxing for me to play the piano.

Even though I am not a master at the keys, I can DEFINITELY feel the difference between a low-end piano versus a high quality grand piano. I don't own a grand, but I absolutely love playing them too. In fact, my wife and I met while I was playing one of the Grand Pianos at the college that we were attending. :-)

Music, and especially the piano, is a very powerful experience in my life. I would love to be trained to a virtuoso level, but I would have to sacrifice everything else in my life in order to supply the time necessary to do so. That's definitely not worth it to me. :-) But I will continue to play the piano throughout my life, for playing the piano is something that I will never tire of, and something that will always bring me happiness.

Good luck and strength in all of your piano playing endeavors!